Fix it with fischer

Because fixed needs to stick.


Image… you have to secure a bookshelf, a picture or a vault to a wall, however you do not know which type of fixing product to use. The 'Fix it with fischer' iOS-application provides the answer.



The best advice in just a few steps!


In just a few steps the best advice!

Choose the weight

In a range from 0 to 50 kilogram

Choose the amount of anchorages

Will the weight be divided over one or more anchorages? An easy but very important calculation

Choose the diameter of the hole

Every product comes in various sizes

Finally: Choose the background

After all: A hollow wall will need a different approach than a concrete wall

The advice

A fitting advice can be found for any combination


For any combination a fitting advice has been included. Complete with an extensive description of how it works and how to fix it, downloads and an overview of where the product(s) can be bought.


A good start….

The ‘Fix it with fisher’ application has, with the product selector as the most important function, founded the basis to serve the end-user online as well.

Currently the application has been developed in Dutch and German for iOS. For the next releases we are working on a version for Android, a barcode scanner and a few improvements and extensions.

Fix your piano to the ceiling! Just because you can.

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